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After my grandfather died, strange things began occurring. I’d sense someone was behind me, but no one would be there. My grandma, who’d previously passed away, had loved butterflies, and all of a sudden, we started seeing monarch butterflies – they’d just land on our fingers. My best friend and I would be playing in my room while the radio turned off and on, or the station would become very staticky. And occasionally, after having left the room with the lights off, we’d come back to find the lights turned back on again. These things scared and confused us. What in the world was happening?!

Engagement rings and fine jewelry.

Months went by, and my mom decided to take us to a psychic named “Samantha.” Samantha was quite young, but she was very good at her job. When it was our turn to meet with her, she began asking questions only my mom would know the answer to. Samantha was able to describe specific experiences and objects related to my grandfather she had no way of knowing about, and as my mom and I were very quiet in our grief.

During the session, Samantha mentioned that a little boy was standing by my side dressed in 1900s clothing. I had a weird sense that I knew this little boy, and I would find out years later, it was the son I’d lost in a previous life.

Things weren’t the same after that. My mom and I began our own chapter of healing. We didn’t know it at the time, but Samantha would become a very important person in our lives, and she eventually assumed the role of mentor.

After our psychic reading, the phenomena continued, and my mom and I just bawled our eyes out when “chasing cars” by snow patrol, for example, kept playing on the radio over and over. We are actually pursued by the song, which comes on very frequently, and we still cry because it’s grandpa’s favorite tune.

All of these experiences would commence my current spiritual journey at the age of twelve. I didn’t know it then, but my life was about to be changed forever.

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