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Have you ever remembered something from the past that seemed like it happened to a different person? Have you ever felt Deja-vu, except the experience was not in this lifetime? Have you ever felt completely familiar with a person you’ve only just met? Then it’s time for a past life regression!

Before getting started with past life regression, make certain of your emotional and spiritual preparedness. Some painful memories might pop up, and you’ll need to be in the right headspace to handle everything. If you believe you’re ready, gradual meditation is the next step. This is an important part of the process, as meditation is where we take-on that bridge to the past. Once you feel grounded and affirmed in your intention, find a reputable practitioner (psychic medium) and have an assisted past life regression done. Occasionally they will sense trauma and perform some reiki healing on your heart, for example, before filling you in on all the details.


When I was a teenager, I recalled the very traumatic event of being separated from my son. It all came back to me during the first reading I ever received. The experience had been incredibly painful, and I’d spent the remainder of that short lifetime looking for my child. I believe he must have been searching for me as well, which is why these memories resurfaced so immediately.

In another incarnation, I’d been married to a man who became my boyfriend in this lifetime. It happened during the colonial era, and our lives had looked almost exactly like Little House on the Prairie. I just remember being extremely happy with my family and children. When I met up with “Kyle” again, (who unfortunately committed suicide a few years ago in 2016) – during this life, I’d immediately felt like I knew him; it was like talking to an old friend. I don’t remember my own death in that previous lifetime.

Now it’s time for the last part!

After you’ve done a couple of sessions with a professional, you have the option of doing it on your own. While there are several past life regression hypnoses on YouTube, I advise you to take this journey slowly. I became obsessed with my past lives, and it was hard to stay grounded in the present. Set every intention with love and light; remain in a good headspace, and hold on to your positive vibes for the best experience.

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