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These are some of the primary rules of the Major Arcana that the books and websites don’t teach. Even though the cards have meanings, they aren’t always set in stone. When you do a reading, the cards tell a story- and it’s up to you to determine what they’re saying. The cards have generic meanings, but when you really start divining, your intuition will tell you what the real purpose of the card is for your specific reading…

Major Arcana

These cards show major life changes and also give special insight that should be considered slightly more important than the minor arcana.

Major Arcana meanings

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0- The fool

When the fool appears in a reading, it usually indicates some kind of wishful thinking. It also signals the very early – beginning stages, a new start, or jumping in too fast- immaturity.


The fool means innocence and naivety. It will appear if you are trusting too much or not trusting the right people. (reversed)

On the flip side, it can show that you’re getting ready to start a new chapter in your life- a new beginning still in the immaturity stages. (right side up)


If you’re reading the fool in a love reading, it means that a brand new, immature relationship is going to begin. It can symbolize puppy love, the infatuation phase. (general, right side up)

It could also be warning you that you’re not seeing the full picture. You’re naive and foolish for going into a relationship like the one you’re entering. (general reversed)


If you see it in a career draw while considering leaving a job or starting a business, it could mean that your plans are not thought out well enough and that departing will be premature or the business isn’t thought out enough yet. (reverse)

The Fool could also show that you’re getting ready to enter an exciting new phase- and that now is the time. It will all depend on what the rest of the cards are telling you in that reading.

I The Magician

Card 1 in the major arcana.

General- Upright

This card is also a promise of new beginnings when upright in a reading. It’s the creative solution to a problem you’re facing that will reveal itself to you soon. It’s wanting to remind the querent that YOU have the ability to change your life and change yourself. This card suggests that a transformation will be heading your way- it’s a very good card to see in the upright position in any context.

The Magician also signifies creativity and originality, intelligence and an outside-the-box mindset.

Love Reading

If drawn in a love reading, it means that you will find a partner or work through a problem, as long as you try and actually use the willpower available to discover. You will see an improvement in your current relationship or situation – though you may not see it at this exact moment, it will be coming.

Career or Money Reading

If drawn during a career or money reading it’s a solution to a problem in your job or a new career that will be coming to fruition if you want to work on something new. There will be better outcomes for your work life, but you are the one who will need to put the work in – you DO have what it takes to make those changes in your own career.

This card is showing that you DO have the willpower and ambition to sort through your problems and find a solution or will gain the determination to find a new career path, relationship or whatever else it is you’re wanting. The time is coming when this all reveals itself to you.

General- Reversed

When Magician is reversed in a reading, it’s pretty much the opposite of upright. It’s saying that you lack the willpower to obtain what you are trying to achieve and that you’re feeling insecure in your love or work life.

Perhaps you realize that you cannot come up with a creative solution and that your imagination is lacking at the time. The card is also warning you of what you’re lacking- drawing attention to it so you can work on trying to fix the problems.

Love Reading

In a love reading, there is something in your relationship or status that is making you feel insecure. If you’re having a problem in a current relationship, it’s showing that you can’t come up with a solution to fix the issue – and if you’re single, that there is something personal you need to work on before getting into your next.

Career Reading

This is showing a stagnant or problematic work situation that is making you feel trapped. You’re feeling stuck and can’t come up with a solution. Now is not when you’re going to have a huge breakthrough in your career path, it’s a time to turn inward and focus on what it is about your path that is making you feel lost, confused and insecure.

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II The Priestess

When this card is upright, it’s an announcement of a higher calling and the feminine side of spirituality. Therefore, by trusting your intuition, you will find wisdom.

It can also warn of not being taken seriously by the people you need to listen – as well as the need to fight and make sure they do listen.

You know your body and your self better than others, and when your intuition is typically right or when it’s thrown off- but you need to listen to yourself on a deeper level.

General Upright

The High Priestess indicates naturally strong intuition and the sensible judgment of situations and people – so it’s best to listen to your gut.

In a Love reading

If you feel someone is toxic, listen – or if the person you’re with is the “one,” listen. Make sure you’re trusting your intuition- it will be coming in strong if this card turns up in a romance drawing upright.

In a Career or financial reading

If a deal is feeling “too good to be true,” it likely is or if you’re feeling like someone is trying to sabotage your successes, there is a good chance you’re right.

This card is about your wisdom and intuition, which will guide you and provide the insight needed to determine if you’re in a sustainable or a toxic situation.

General inverted

Generally, it’s the opposite of right side up.

If you get this, it means you’re not in touch with your innate intuition, and are at risk of misconstruing situations. This card is a warning- that judgment can’t be trusted- good or bad. You need to start thinking deeper into what you’re feeling and make sure that it’s your intuition, or on the other hand, if intuition is cloudy.

In a Love reading

You’re not reading enough into your situation. You’re possibly being misled. Take a step back and try to listen to that voice because it is likely screaming at you.

In a career reading

You’re at risk of being conned. Your intuition is currently roaring about someone at work or a deal someone is trying to make with you. It seems to be too good to be true, it is.

In both love and career, The Priestess is telling you not to jump to immediate conclusions about people and situations. You may also be feeling like you’re being unfairly judged or actually are being judged- either way, judgment isn’t your friend, and you need to remember that at this time.

III The Empress

General- Upright

She is the mother. She is all things soft, feminine and delicate. This is a positive card to draw in the upright position. When she pops up in a reading, it is representation of your maternal instincts and feminine love.

Love reading

If you are single, the Empress is unveiling your destiny with a person who will offer you true love and romance, and if already in a serious or casual relationship, that it’s going to grow deeper.

Career or money reading

This is a creative idea you’re nurturing and is a sign of growth. It shows that you will do best following your instincts and that you should start seeing a career or business blooming.

This card is often a very strong omen if you’re actively trying to get pregnant or are wanting a baby – it’s notorious.

General- Reversed

The Empress is telling you to embrace your feminine side and forego the repression of who you are and what you truly want.

Love Reading- reversed

You may find yourself surrounded by wo/men who are perusing you but that you’re not interested in – or are not being honest about the type of partner you’re wanting, so then attracting wo/men who are not suitable for you. You need to start being honest with yourself and the universe so that you will meet the right wo/man and to not just settle just because you’re tired of being single.

The Dealer Alternative to Auto Parts

Career/money- reversed

If you’re in a relationship, you may be holding back your true feelings. You feel lost in the relationship because you’re not being honest.

You’re not feeling happy or satisfied with your job. You feel stifled and not in the right mindset but it may or may not be real. The problem instead, may be related to your insecurity, and it is not a good time to make any major changes. It’s a time to focus on battling the negative mindset and insecurities- then evaluate what YOU want and need.

When the card is drawn in reverse, it indicates that you’re holding something back. You’ve trapped yourself in unwanted situations because you’re hiding your actual wants, desires, and needs. You need to stop repressing and quit trying to hide behind your insecurities. If you want to be truly happy, you need to let your needs be known.

IV The Emperor

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